Mgraph - 09/16/2008
Version 12.5


Mgraph [options] [command file]


Mgraph is a 2-dimensional easy to use graphic software allowing a fast visualization of scientific data presented in the form of ASCII files for the traditional curves, and in the form of binary files for data surfaces. The interface was developed under Motif and can be used either interactively, or using command files, or with C or FORTRAN programs.

The output files are in PostScript. Images in Tiff or Gif format can also be generated.
Mgraph [options] Launching of the interactive interface.
Mgraph [options] Launching of the graphic interpreter without visualization.


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Gonzalez L. Deroo C.
Laboratoire d'Optique Atmospherique
Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
U.F.R. de Physique Fondamentale
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex

The authors wish to thank:

Dr. Descloitres J. for his contribution to the development
of the software and more particularly
in the processing part of surfaces.

Dr. J.R. Shewchuk for his developments on:
"Triangle: Engineering a 2D Quality Mesh Generator
and Delaunay Triangulator," First Workshop
on Applied Computational Geometry, ACM, May 1996. [*]

In order to support the effort of developpement of our different softwares could you please reference them in the publications for which they have been useful.
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         howpublished = {The Mgraph package was developed at LOA by Louis Gonzalez and Christine Deroo},
         note = {{Home page at \url{}}}

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