Séminaire Kazuma Aoki (University of Toyama, Japan) Résumé

Article mis en ligne le 08/02/2018

Aerosol optical properties measured by PREDE Sky radiometer validation networks

Aerosols play an important role in the climate change. We provide the information, in this presentation, on the aerosol optical properties with respect to their temporal and spatial variability. We started the measurements of aerosol optical properties by using sky radiometer (PREDE Co. Ltd., Japan) over the ocean and land.The sky radiometer is an automatic instrument that takes observations only in daytime under the clear sky conditions. Observation of diffuse solar intensity interval was made every ten minutes by once. The aerosol optical properties were computed using the SKYRAD.pack version 4.2. The obtained Aerosol optical properties (Aerosol optical thickness, Ångström exponent, Single scattering albedo, and etc.) and size distribution volume clearly showed seasonal and temporal variability, with a vernal maximum (e.g. Asian dust) and an autumnal to winter minimum in Japan sites. In this study, we present the temporal and spatial variability of Aerosol optical properties applied to validation of satellite and numerical models. The GCOM-C/SGLI, JAXA satellite launched in 23 Dec. 2017.