Workshop on (by invitations only) :

Observations and modeling of aerosol and clouds properties for climate studies
Paris, 12-14 September, 2011


  The workshop is designed to provide a forum where achievements, challenges and perspectives of characterizing aerosol and cloud properties and their impact on climate are presented. It will include coordination between the international space-based observation of the atmosphere activities and evaluation of satellite products with the help of modelers, ground-based remote sensing and in situ measurement scientists. The advances and challenges of accessing aerosol and cloud effects on climate dynamics will be discussed. It is organized to gather the scientists already involved in decades of collaboration to discuss the community accomplishments and outline the most appealing dynamics for near future remote sensing activities.

  The participation in the workshop is by invitation only with the total number of participant limited to ~ 100 people. Each participant or scientific team is expected to give 12+3 min presentation. The meeting of scientifically focused group of experts is planned to promote in depth discussions.

Projected sessions

1. Achievements in characterization of aerosols, clouds and the earth's surface
2. Inversions, new ideas and algorithms to derive detailed aerosol and cloud properties: cloud and aerosol passive and active remote sensing, characterization from satellite, ground-based, airborne and in situ.
3. Modeling of aerosols, clouds and their climate effects
4. Future satellite missions

Social Event

Tuesday, September 13th 2011 : Dinner at 19:30